20 November, 2015

Presenters: tbc
Titles: tbc
Venue: Union Theological College
Admission: free

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6 October, 2015

Presenter: Rev Dr William Olhausen
Title: Elements of Pauline Discourse: A Pragmatic Hermeneutic for Paul’s Word of the Cross
When: Wednesday, 6 October 2015, @7.00 pm.
Venue: Church of Ireland Theological Institute, Braemor Park, Dublin 14
Admission: free
Please not the slightly earlier time

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21 April, 2015

Presenter: Dr Wenhua Shi
Title: Thirty Years of Biblical Studies in the Chinese Academia
When: Tuesday, 21 April 2015, @7.30 pm.
Venue: Loyola Institute, Trinity College, Dublin 2
Admission: free


In recent years, interest in the academic study of the Bible in mainland China has grown and yet many challenges face this discipline’s location in the university. China’s policy gives clear preference to its own religious traditions, while still (implicitly and explicitly) considering Christianity as a foreign and even as a colonial religion.

My paper provides insights into the historical contexts, as well as emerging trends and policies, which influence how biblical traditions are studied in tertiary institutions in China today. Methods and approaches to Jewish and Christian scriptural traditions shall be addressed, while also seeking to highlight where centres of excellence are being established. The picture that emerges is of a unique national context that results in new ways of reading the Bible.


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20-21 February, 2015
Gift and Friendship

Date: Friday, 20 February from 4.30 pm to Saturday, 21 February 4.30
Place: Purcell House Conference Centre, All Hallows, Grace Park Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Cost: €40 (light lunch included); €7 individual lectures

Speakers and titles of papers

Friday Public Lecture (7.00-9.15 Room 1)

Prof. John Barclay (Durham)
“Paul and the Undeserved Gift: What Does it Matter?”

Saturday (8.30-3.30 Room 2)

Prof. John Barclay (Durham)
“Did Paul Believe in the One-Way Gift”

Dr Daniele Pevarello (TCD)
“I have called you friends” (John 15.15): Reassessing Friendship in John’s Gospel.

Dr Jeremy Corley (St Patrick's College, Maynooth)
“Friendship in the Hebrew Wisdom Literature”
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