Proceedings of the Irish Biblical Association

The new issue of the Proceedings of the Irish Biblical Association has recently been published electronically. A PDF form of it has been sent to all paid-up members of the Irish Biblical Association. Please contact the treasurer if you need to renew your subscription ( The contents are listed below.

  • Cyprien Comte: “From the Pleiades to ‘Apocalypse Now’: Amos 5:8-9, A Hymn to the Transforming God”
  • Bradford A. Anderson: “Hosea’s Marriage: A Brief History of Interpretation”
  • Katie M. Heffelfinger: “Persuasion, Poetry and Biblical Prophets”
  • Julie Woods: “Flaming Symbols: A Study of Fire as a Symbol of God’s Presence and Word in the Pentateuch and Jeremiah”
  • Martin McNamara: “A Gallican Psalter in Irish Script: Vaticanus latinus 12910”
  • Adrian Graffy: “What is Man? A Journey through Biblical Anthropology” [introducing the Pontifical Biblical Commission document]
  • Martin McNamara: “New Perspectives on Thomas of Ireland: A Review Article”.
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